Current Issues

Bus Shelters

There is the necessity of having bus shelters along the A47. Waiting for buses in very inclement weather is not a pleasant experience for residents and visitors alike. We need your active support to press for the grants which would resolve this problem.

Speeding A47

The problems, and dangers caused by speeding vehicles from the A47 through the village is another issue that we have looked at. We have successfully got the speed limit through Little Fransham reduced to 40mph. It is trying to get motorists to adhere to this limit, especially with the dangerous junctions at Station Road, and Crown Lane in mind that is the main problem.

Speeding Narrow Roads

There are also difficulties caused by the narrow country roads that run through Little and Great Fransham. Speeding vehicles, and the ever increasing size of lorries, and farm vehicles, aggravated by overgrown hedges adjacent to the highway are a danger to pedestrians, and other motorists. These problems are compounded when vehicles are diverted off the A47.