Your Parish Council

We Welcome Your Views

Feedback from the residents is vitally important if your Parish Council is to reflect your views. Please utilize the opportunity on this website to have your say, and give to us your suggestions, either at council meetings, or by phone.

The public and press are always very welcome to attend each meeting of the Parish Council. Please go to the Events Diary on this website for the dates and times of each council meeting.

The Parish Council meets in the village hall beside the church. Full meetings of the Council are usually held at 7.00pm in the evenings on the third Tuesdays on alternative months in the year- January, March, May, July, September, and November. Notices about the meetings will be placed on the Parish Council notice boards and in this website no later than the weekend before the scheduled meeting.

In May, every year, the Annual Parish Meeting is held. All Parishioners are invited to attend. This is the meeting particularly designed for you to allow you to express your views and opinions. You may ask for a speaker to attend on a particular subject of interest to the village, or discuss matters that concern you especially, and hear what your Council has achieved on your behalf during the past year.

We look forward to your comments, and views, either at Council meetings, or by phone.


In Fransham, the Parish Precept is divided by a formula based on the number of properties in Fransham and is collected as part of the Council Tax payment.

What powers has the Parish Council got in order to do things?

The size of our villages and the level of the precept is obviously very limiting, but over the years the Parish Council has had considerable input to the provision and maintenance of the village hall, ongoing maintenance of the hedgerows and open spaces. Notice boards, rights of way, footpaths, and bridleways are all monitored and mostly maintained by the Parish Council.

The Council has the power to improve the quality of village life by spending sums of money on things which in it’s opinion, are in the interests of the parish and it’s residents as a whole. Initiating and maintaining this website is one example of this process.