About Fransham

Regarding the list of items in this section, if any parishioners have any current, or historical information and suggestions concerning any of them, then please pass it on to the Parish Council who may decide that it has enough value to be included in this website.

For the Churches

This may be historical information that is not known to other residents in the parish, that would not only be of interest to them, but also to historians of church history and development generally. It may include suggestions for new uses for the churches ie. special services to commemorate landmark events in the history of the village ie the celebration of such and such events that took place in the past, or new types of Christian worship – musical events, etc.

For the history of the parish itself

Certain new information could shed light on parts of the history of the area, not currently well known, that could be of interest to historians of rural village development through the ages.

For the Gallery

Some parishioners may have some very interesting pictures of old Fransham properties, or times of industrial history i.e. pictures of the railways in past years, or people at harvest time in the late Victorian era etc.

With regard to the Village Hall

Some parishioners may have views on how it can be better used in the future, with suggestions of activities and events that may well be of interest to a number of people i.e starting a craft class, holding regular coffee mornings, reading groups, all sorts of get togethers etc so that people are not isolated and alone - especially during the autumn and winter months.

These extra events may enhance the lives of a number of people in the village and indeed may attract visitors from the surrounding villages, if not Dereham as well - helping to put Fransham on the map - so to speak.