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Your Parish Council

The Parish Council’s area of the website is here to keep you as informed and involved as possible about the past, present, and future activities of the Parish Council which works on behalf of the people of the Fransham villages.

Full meetings are held every two months and Planning Meetings are held as and when necessary.  Any parishioner is welcome to come along and hear discussions about current issues.  A public session is held prior to the commencement of each meeting.

Parish Councils are the cheapest and least bureaucratic kind of local authority, and in Fransham all the Councillors are independent of any political party.  The seven Councillors are elected for four years and bye-elections may be held to fill vacancies occurring between elections.

Your new Parish Clerk

The Parish Council has a new Parish Clerk, Sheryl Irving.

Her contact details have been updated on this site but are repeated here and are as follows:

Name : Sheryl Irving
Phone: 01362 667756
email: franshamparishcouncil@gmail.com

I am sure you will all join with the Council in welcoming Sheryl Irving, as the new Parish Clerk.


A special mention of Galfridus Knight of Great Fransham.

Pictures no 13 and 14 in the Gallery  on  this website were made from a  Brass Rubbing of Galfridus, Knight of Great Fransham, in the Chapel of Ease, of All Saints Church, in Station Road, Great Fransham.

This is a particularly fine brass in the north-west corner of the chancel. The figure is some 4’11’’ high and shows him in full armour under an elaborate canopy of an ogee gable, with two identical shields. Galfridus died in 1414 on the feast of St Jerome, translator of the scriptures into the Latin Vulgate.

The shield bearing Galfridus ‘ arms’ is divided by a vertical zig-zag, with three martlets(or swifts) in each half. The Knights feet rest upon a little lion.

Tittleshall Parish Council – community tribute – WWI

A nation’s tribute and commemoration of the end of WW1

On 11 November 2018 there will be a nation-wide commemoration to mark the end of World War One.

Tittleshall Parish Council is organising a community tribute to those who lost their lives in the dreadful darkness of the war years 1914 – 1918; a special event including the lighting of a beacon which will synchronise with the lighting of beacons throughout the length and breadth of our islands.

The commemoration will be held at Godwick Barn in the parish of Tittleshall and will precede the lighting of a beacon at 7pm. The event will include representatives of the Church and local government and there will be addresses, poetry, music and the reading of the names of those who lost their lives.

Parishioners are invited to attend this commemoration although there is a limited capacity due to parking numbers. If you wish to attend please notify the Fransham Parish Clerk, Sheryl Irving, tel: 01362 667756 or email: franshamparishcouncil@gmail no later than 20th November 2017. If you wish to attend but have no transport please let Sheryl know and we will do our best to assist you.

Community Facilities

The Parish Council would like to see more community facilities in the Parish and one thought is to provide play equipment for children in Little Fransham.

Specific grant funding is available, which means there would be little call on Council Tax money to provide the equipment, but the key is to find a suitable site. Unfortunately, there is no public land available and we are, therefore, looking for a ‘public spirited’ resident who might be prepared to make a small plot available.

If you think you might be able to help, please contact
Councillor Lynsey Rush on 01362 687027,
the Parish Clerk, Sheryl Irving, on 01362 667756.

Who Controls the Parish Council?

A Chairman is elected each year and controls the business of the Parish Council’s meetings. The Parish Clerk takes the minutes, carries out the approved policies of the Council and ensures the accounts are strictly kept.  Parish Council meetings are open to the public and an Annual Meeting for all parish electors is held in May.

Synopsis of the Fransham Website

We welcome you to our website.  The following is a brief guide to the different pages of the site and the type of information contained therein.

We hope that this will be helpful to all visitors to the site enabling them to find the information they need quickly.

Starting from left to right across the top headings on the main bar of the site:-

Under the Parish Council pages of the site are listed a number of titles in a drop down list.

These cover the purposes of a Parish Council – why have one and its functions, a list of Councillors and their contact details, meeting agendas, a section listing the past minutes of meetings, a list of reports as and when they are compiled and a section about the current issues that are having to be dealt with by your Council.

Under the About Fransham pages is another drop down list which gives information about the local churches, a brief history of the villages, a gallery of local pictures(under review>, and information about the village hall.

The Events page, will in time, contain information about all the local events which are planned to happen in the villages during the year to come.

Under the Local Index pages is listed all the local businesses and organisations in the villages i.e The Womens Insitute. In time we hope that other village organisations will put their details and information into this section of the site.

In the Community Information pages is a further drop down list which gives details about other local Councils and the area MP under Government. The other items in the list cover transport to and from the villages, safety – policing in the area, the local utilities – to be added later, local medical services, local schools, and nearby library services.

The last item on the main bar is of a site map. It is a list of all the pages on the site.